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Empowering progress through data compression

CENTRAL SPIRAL, founded in July 2023 and supported by NVIDIA Inception and AWS, is pioneering technological innovation with its patented lossless data compression technology. Our compression technology marks a breakthrough by enabling the compression of any data, including those already compressed, thereby drastically reducing storage requirements and speeding up transmission rates. This advancement not only enhances storage efficiency across multiple memory tiers, enabling quicker data retrieval and lower latency, but also boosts performance across diverse domains such as System-on-Chip (SoC), High-Performance Computing (HPC), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and more. This innovation is set to significantly improve efficiency and sustainability in data centers and microchips worldwide, establishing a new paradigm in data compression.

SPIRAL-BOX (ready to use)

While classical algorithms achieve a compression ratio of 4:1 at best—reducing a 1 TB file to 250 GB—our SPIRAL-BOX technology completely transforms the landscape. SPIRAL-BOX not only reaches but consistently exceeds a compression ratio of over 3000:1, compressing the same 1 TB file to far less than 0.33 GB. This represents a paradigm shift in efficiency, enabling the handling of large volumes of data more economically and swiftly than ever before, both in terms of storage and transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions

SPIRAL-CACHE (forthcoming)

This innovation will provide a solution to significantly enhance the effective bandwidth in microprocessors, benefiting both general-purpose processors and SoC accelerators in fields such as HPC and AI. It will integrate compression and decompression units into the global on-chip network and main memory communication channels, optimizing data flow while minimizing hardware complexity.

Join us at CENTRAL SPIRAL, where your passion for revolutionizing data handling aligns with creating a lasting legacy for future generations.