Frequently Asked Questions

SPIRAL-BOX offers a dual approach to lossless data compression: The cloud-based API on AWS efficiently compresses data, reducing storage and transfer costs by up to 99%. For decompression, SPIRAL-BOX is required, allowing offline access to original data without internet. Alternatively, the SPIRAL-BOX standalone solution handles both compression and decompression in-house using built-in GPUs, eliminating the need for the cloud API and internet connectivity. This makes SPIRAL-BOX adaptable for small-scale environments with standard NAS storage and minimal infrastructure, yet capable of scaling up and integrating with cloud services for larger workflows. SPIRAL-BOX ensures efficient and cost-effective workflow management, whether operating locally or in the cloud.

Why Should My Organization Consider SPIRAL-BOX?

Choosing SPIRAL-BOX results in significant savings in storage and network costs of over 99% on a monthly basis, while simultaneously boosting user experience through faster uploads and downloads. SPIRAL-BOX plays a crucial role in minimizing your organization's data footprint, effectively reducing the space and energy associated with data storage and bandwidth.

Can SPIRAL-BOX Add Value Even with Existing Compression Solutions?

Absolutely. SPIRAL-BOX enhances your existing technology stack with superior compression capabilities. Our solution is adept at compressing any file type, achieving up to 99% compression rates, even for files previously compressed, with compression ratios over 3000:1. This is made possible by our innovative technology, which leverages GPUs for both compression and decompression, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and reliability.

What Distinguishes SPIRAL-BOX in Data Compression and Transfer?

SPIRAL-BOX transforms data compression and decompression with its dual-functionality, catering to both cloud-based and in-house needs. It's a compact yet powerful device, designed for seamless integration into various operational scales, from small setups to extensive cloud systems. The versatility of SPIRAL-BOX, combined with its ability to significantly cut storage and transfer costs by up to 99%, makes it an essential tool for any data-intensive organization.

What Are the Performance Capabilities of SPIRAL-BOX?

GTX 1080 109.84 10.66
RTX 4090 439.36 42.66
A100 3427.20 332.74
L40S 4032.26 391.48

How Does SPIRAL-BOX Seamlessly Fit Into My Current Workflow?

SPIRAL-BOX is engineered for flexibility, ensuring a smooth integration into your existing data management workflows. Whether your operations are predominantly cloud-based, rely on local data storage, or a combination of both, SPIRAL-BOX offers customized solutions to meet your specific needs. Its dual functionality for lossless data compression and decompression, along with an option for standalone use with integrated GPUs, makes SPIRAL-BOX adaptable and scalable, suitable for a wide range of operational requirements.

Why Is the Speed of Data Compression and Decompression Critical?

In the digital era, the velocity at which data can be compressed and decompressed directly influences your operational efficiency and the overall user experience. Swift processing speeds minimize delays in accessing vital data, enhance collaboration across global teams, and optimize the use of network and storage infrastructures. SPIRAL-BOX, with its GPU technology, ensures your organization remains at the forefront of efficiency by offering rapid data handling capabilities.

How Does SPIRAL-BOX Ensure the Security of My Data?

Data security is paramount at CENTRAL SPIRAL. SPIRAL-BOX incorporates stringent encryption protocols to safeguard your data during both transfer and storage. The combination of these robust security measures and our lossless compression technology guarantees the integrity and confidentiality of your data, offering you and your stakeholders peace of mind.

Why is High-Speed Data Transfer Essential?

High-speed data transfer is crucial for several reasons, significantly affecting operational efficiency, cost savings, and the agility of business processes:

  • Immediate Access for Enhanced Collaboration: Fast data transfer enables instant access to large datasets, facilitating real-time collaboration and seamless global workflows. This not only leverages specialized skills across different geographies but also reduces labor costs and eliminates unnecessary wait times.
  • Boosted Productivity and Satisfaction: The capability to quickly move substantial files is indispensable for maintaining smooth internal and external collaborations. This efficiency leads to improved productivity, heightened satisfaction among partners and customers, and allows teams to focus on their core tasks rather than the logistics of data movement.
  • Network Scalability and Flexibility: Rapid data transfer speeds are key to expanding network capabilities without the need for significant capital investments or extensive setup times. This scalability ensures cost-effective and efficient operations across the board.
  • Reduced Costs in Data Management: High-speed data transfers enable more cost-effective data storage and backup strategies by allowing for on-demand, geographically redundant storage solutions, thus reducing the need for expensive, continuous backup infrastructures.
  • Streamlined High-Resolution Data Transfers: For high-resolution content, fast transfer speeds are essential to efficiently move large files, dramatically cutting down on storage and network costs by up to 99%.

Illustration with SPIRAL-BOX: Our compression technology greatly accelerates the transfer of 10 TB of data. Instead of requiring 5.67 days on AWS, it can now be completed in a matter of seconds, thanks to SPIRAL-BOX high-speed data transfer capabilities. Furthermore, by utilizing the high-performance L40S GPU for decompression, the restoration of the 10 TB of data can be accomplished in approximately 26 seconds, thanks to its impressive operating speed of 391.48 GB/s

How Can I Begin Utilizing SPIRAL-BOX Within My Organization?

Starting your SPIRAL-BOX journey is simple. Reach out to us on Linkedin to discover how CENTRAL SPIRAL can transform your data management and compression strategies. Our committed team is ready to provide you with all the necessary information, pricing options, and support to ensure a seamless integration of SPIRAL-BOX into your operational framework.